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Cooper 12" x 12"

Howie 12" x 12"


Henry 20" x 20" 


Bandit 4" x 4"

The small 4"x 4" paintings have a deep edge so that they can hang or sit up.

The 12" x 20" paintings have a border for a finished edge.


20" x 20"    $360.00


12" x 12"    $250.00


4" x 4"        $70.00 



Pet paintings make great gifts!


How do we start?  Send photos of the pet to be painted to

Or send a text to 617-750-2546


I'll send back a layout. After we work out the details and colors, I'll start painting.

The paintings usually take a couple of weeks. I get swamped during the holidays, and there could be an additional wait.






Winnie12" x 12" 

Finished paintings do not need a frame. They're wired, sealed with varnish, and ready

to hang.


All artwork is designed and painted by me. They are not digital.


I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have about the process.  










All Content © Mary St. Sauveur


1- Get down on your pet's level.


2- Hold a treat near the camera so your pet will look at you.


3- Take tons of photos and delete the bad ones.

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